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Class YieldingThreadlet

      object --+                
     sip.wrapper --+            
PyQt4.QtCore.QObject --+        
    PyQt4.QtCore.QThread --+    
                   Threadlet --+

Similar to Threadlet by iters over the object and yields each value

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Inherited from PyQt4.QtCore.QThread: Priority

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Paylad - iters over the object and yields each value

Inherited from Threadlet: __init__, clear, detach

Inherited from PyQt4.QtCore.QThread: childEvent, connectNotify, currentThread, currentThreadId, customEvent, disconnectNotify, exec_, exit, isFinished, isRunning, msleep, priority, quit, receivers, sender, setPriority, setStackSize, setTerminationEnabled, sleep, stackSize, start, terminate, timerEvent, usleep, wait

Inherited from PyQt4.QtCore.QObject: blockSignals, children, connect, deleteLater, disconnect, dumpObjectInfo, dumpObjectTree, dynamicPropertyNames, emit, event, eventFilter, findChild, findChildren, inherits, installEventFilter, isWidgetType, killTimer, metaObject, moveToThread, objectName, parent, property, removeEventFilter, setObjectName, setParent, setProperty, signalsBlocked, startTimer, thread, tr, trUtf8

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Inherited from PyQt4.QtCore.QThread: HighPriority, HighestPriority, IdlePriority, InheritPriority, LowPriority, LowestPriority, NormalPriority, TimeCriticalPriority

Inherited from PyQt4.QtCore.QObject: __reduce__, __reduce_ex__

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Paylad - iters over the object and yields each value

Emits Qt Signal (yield(const QString&)): yield